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GOSA Soccer Academy

The Premier Academy program is an essential factor in our clubs growing success.  It provides us with the opportunity to compete at the state level.  As coaches and educators, we are aware of the importance in continuing a solid foundation for all our young players that are looking for a higher commitment to the game of soccer.

DEPOSIT: A first non-refundable payment of $300 is required at the time of signing commitment form. Automatic payment plans are available at time of online registration and a credit card is required to be on file.  All players must be registered and deposit must be paid prior to July 1st, 2019 to secure spot on team.

PLAYER REGISTRATION FEE: All players must be registered in GOT SOCCER through a Stetson Soccer Club link in order to receive a player pass and be rostered. The link will be provided to all players via email from administrator or team coordinator as soon a player registration is open.  TEAM FEES:  Team fees are calculated depending on team tournaments and more.  These fees could include but are not limited to coach travel expenses, referee fees, scrimmage fees, tournament entry fees, team travel fees and more. An estimated team budget will be handed out at the beginning of the season for your specific team and level.  All players are expected to attend all games, tournaments and fees. NO player will be exempt from TEAM FEES. See specific Team Manager /Parent Guide for details.

FAILURE TO PAY: All payments MUST be paid online or mailed to PO Box P.O. Box 180401 Casselberry, FL 32718.  Accepted Payments:  Money Order, Check, Check Card, Credit Card. Failure to pay your fees within fifteen (15) days of fee payment due date will invoke the no pay, no play Academy policy and the Player Pass will be suspended and held by GOSA until past due payment is received. Players will be ineligible to participate in to include but not limited to all team practices, games and tournaments until fees are paid up to date. (The 15 day late policy does not apply to team fees). (All team fees must be paid in full by due date) Any uncollected team fees will also result in immediate suspension of player pass. Any fees not paid prior to the end of the season could result in player suspension with GOSA along with all other academy affiliates.


SIBLING DISCOUNT:  If you have 2 or more children registered with the academy a 20% discount will be applied to all siblings thereafter. Discounts are applied to the lesser expensive program first. See gosa.soccer or gosaacademy.com for more information on discount policy. Team managers will receive 10% discount for 1 child registered – 1 Team manager per team.


FINANCIAL AID: Financial assistance/scholarships are available through the GOSA YF Foundation. Please visit gosa.soccer or gosaacademy.com for printable forms and more information on financial aid.


REFUNDS:  All fee payments are non-refundable regardless of player absence, withdrawal, or release from a team. No player will be released from a team unless all fees are paid in full this includes TEAM, PLAYER and ACADEMY FEES. Visit gosa.soccer or gosaacademy.com for more information and exceptions to the policy.


PARENT PLAYER COMMITMENT:  When committing to a team you and the player are agreeing to abide by the financial and academy policies and procedures set by GOSA and acknowledging that you have received the player commitment form.  All players and their families are expected to abide by and support the policies and procedures included therein. If you have any questions, please contact the Academy Manager. You will also be agreeing that you have read and understand that you are responsible for all academy, player fees and team fees for the full soccer season. And that you understand that all team fees are to be paid regardless of participation unless you are not invited to attend.  All players are expected to meet a high standard of commitment to training and play. Players are expected to attend all practices and participate in all league games and tournaments. All players and parents are expected to read and abide by the player handbook and follow code of conduct. If you have any questions, please contact your team manager or Academy Manager. All players will be rostered through Stetson Soccer Club and will follow the policy and procedures set by GOSA, Stetson Soccer Club, FYSA, US Soccer Club and any other governing association that pertains to GOSA.

Although we strive to provide quality playing time for all players, there are NO guarantees of playing time in any single game for any players. All players should expect to play in tournaments on holiday weekends that could include Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and possibly others and all players are expected to pay team dues even if they are unable to attend event.

All players must be registered and deposit paid prior to July 1, 2019
to secure spot on team.