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GOSA Soccer Academy

Please email Lori Sabino at gosasoccer1@gmail.com to request a copy of the financial aid/scholarship form.

GOSA Youth Foundation Sponsorship Program

GOSA Youth Foundation (GOSAYF) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to the development of soccer in youths within Central Florida. GOSAYF not only focus in the soccer aspects of the game, but more important we want to educate through sport according to ethical rules therefore we teach and emphasize to our players the four Sport Ethics that an athlete should live by; Respect, Honesty, Responsibility and Benevolence, so that we can form citizens that one day can contribute and have a positive impact in our society.

GOSA Youth Foundations mission is to purchase land to provide a permanent and safe environment for the youth of Central Florida. All proceeds go to GOSA Youth Foundation not-for-profit organization. 

GOSA’s Youth Foundation’s philosophy is not just about the development of future college or professional players but it’s about developing all players to gain the use important life skills such as leadership, decision making, responsibility, respect for one another and how to work as a team, just to name a few.  By providing a healthy environment our community will continue to conquer obesity, juvenile crime, teen pregnancies other concerns that our community may have.

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